Monday, December 21, 2015

Rural Lone Star Beauty

Like many city slickers, I can trace my roots back to a small Texas town. For me, that was a place called Memphis in the Texas Panhandle. My father taught me the benefit of hard work by making me farm with him during the summer months.

In addition to farming cotton, dad also raised a few head of cattle and the picture above reminds me of one of the places they wondered around eating. That old fashion windmill was exactly like one I would see everyday when I went to work with him.

Buying Rural Land in Texas

Back in the 1960's and 1970', when I was growing up, there were no such things as cellular telephones or the Internet. When we needed to communicate with each other, we did it the old fashion way by driving to where that person was and doing it in person.

We did have CB radios and they were fun to play with. I wonder sometimes if the youth of today are so unhappy, because they never learned the benefit of a good hard days labor? My parents always wanted a better life for my sister and I and then we turned around and did the same thing for our kids. In hindsight, I wonder if that was a mistake?

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Houston On My Mind

More Texans live in Houston than any other city. While I have never lived in Texas' largest city, I have visited there many times over the years.

There are many fun things to do in Houston, like visiting NASA. As a kid and still today, space exploration has always been something that interested me. While the oil and gas industry created most of the population growth of Houston over the past five or six decades, NASA also aided in bringing high paying jobs to the area as well.

Insiders' Guide® to Houston (Insiders' Guide Series)

Another thing I love about Houston is it's downtown section of tall skyscrapers, which are very artistically beautiful compared to other large cities. It's easy to know what city you are looking at when the downtown section of Houston is shown in a picture or on television.

There is one thing I really don't like about Houston and that is the large number toll roads that are easy to accidentally get trapped on by folks from out-of-town trying to travel around the city. That said, I think the benefits far outweigh the downside of bad traffic in Texas' largest city.

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Man Bites Head Off Snake

I have lived in Texas all my life, but did not hear about this story until today. While it was published by the Associated Press back in 1996, it might just be another 'tall tale' from the Lone Star State. In either case, it's a great story to pass along to everyone here.

In May of 1996, a man by the name of Valentin Grimaldo was walking along side a rural Texas highway when he reached down to pick something up and was bitten by a coral snake. In a flash, he grabbed the snake, bit it's head off and wrapped it's body around his arm like a tourniquet.

Coral Snakes (The Really Wild Life of Snakes)

Fortunately, a passerby stopped and took Grimaldo to a nearby hospital. He was treated and eventually released from the hospital. While rattlesnakes are very abundant in the state of Texas, there are a large number of coral snakes as well, especially in the wide open spaces of the west.

If you would like to read more about this story from the AP, click here to visit their website. There are so many of these stories in Texas history, it's difficult to know what is true and what is not. However, it does appear that this really happened.

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