Monday, July 11, 2016

Do You Care That Dallas Police Used A Robot To Kill A Murderer?

DALLAS TEXAS - After watching several cable television networks over the weekend, it became clear that more than a few people seemed to have problems with the decision made by Dallas police to use a robot to blow up and kill a man who gunned down more than a dozen law enforcement officers on Thursday. Maybe it's just me, but some of these folks on television seem to always take the side of criminals over law abiding citizens and law enforcement officers. Could it be that is the reason our nation is so messed up right now? In this and so many other ways, there seems to be a push to make everything that was once wrong now right in this country and that move it tearing apart everything that has held this great nation together for over 200-years.

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Brainiac said...

First of all THOSE people are "making" the news! Their agenda is clear keep the pot stirred it is called job security! Now the point that truly matters the gunman was claiming to have planted IED's all over the Dallas area. After hours of trying to get him to give himself up and disclose the whereabouts of the IED's his response "you will never find them until it is too late!" He continued his rhetoric that his primary goal was to kill police/white people primarily whites. Now based on the fact there where alleged IED's I KNOW the police chief's decision was in the best interest of everyone concerned because no one could be sure that he didn't have IED's on or around his person. The risk to shoot the perpetrator and then recovering the body with IED's possibly in the vicinity was a risk completely unnecessary when you could dispose of the shooter and the IED's at the same time! Risk NEUTRALIZED!!!!!!

Mary Muna said...

Hell no, not offended...I am a veteran too..,.cremate what is left of him and stick him in the VA Cemetary.