Friday, July 15, 2016

Speculation About New Blue Bell Flavor Coming Today!

TEXAS - Millions of fans of Blue Bell Ice Cream are waiting patiently for the announcement later today about a new flavor that will appear in stores on Friday. People everywhere were talking and speculating on Thursday as to what two popular flavors will now be combined into one great new product.

My personal favorite flavor of Blue Bell Ice Cream is Cherry Vanilla. I've loved it for a LONG time, but I also love Butter Pecan. For me, a combination of Cherry and Pecans into that great Vanilla Blue Bell Ice Cream would certainly make my day. Since everything is still speculation right now, I thought it might be fun to spend the next few hours letting everyone comment about what two flavors of Blue Bell they would like to see combined into a new product.

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Regina Shirey said...

Cherry and Pecan sounds great but so does cherry and chocolate... I love chocolate covered cherries what better way to have chocolate covered cherries then in a bowl of refreshing blue bell vanilla.... Yum....

Regina Shirey said...

Come to think about Black Walnut and Banana would be good as well... Blue Bell has so many awesome flavors.. It is hard to chose which would make a great combination.