Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Open Carry Concerns Some

There are more than a few folks in Texas who are worried about the new open carry law that goes into effect the first of the year. My wife is one of those Texans and no matter how much I try to ease her concerns, she still worries about seeing all those guns when she goes shopping at the mall or grocery store.

The whole idea behind open carry was to give law abiding citizens a fighting chance in businesses and places of entertainment like movie theaters, if a crazed gunman walked in and opened fire on innocent people. I am one of those Texans who believe more guns could help save lives, but this new law is not working out the way it was intended.

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Already, many businesses both large and small are preparing to forbid open carry in their establishments. While this is totally okay and permitted by law, the fact thousands of public places will not allow open carry is defeating the whole purpose of the law in the first place.

Many other states are looking at Texas to see how our open carry law works before decided whether to do the same thing themselves. At this time I am concerned the added stress this new law will place on our citizens will not be worth the small amount of protection that will be offered by having more Texans available to defend others from the actions of criminals.

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