Sunday, December 27, 2015

Texan Of The Year, Elizabeth Laird

Like many other Texans, I feel gratitude for the men and women who make up the members of our armed forces. While most of us do what we can to show our love and appreciation to our soldiers, one special lady went above and beyond the call of duty for years to make sure hundreds of thousands of troops received a hug before departing for assignments overseas.

On Christmas Eve, Elizabeth Laird lost her battle with breast cancer in a Central Texas hospital. As has been the case in previous wars, thousands of front-line troops begin their overseas deployment from Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. It was from there that Laid lined up to give thousands of those deploying troops a big hug.

Rapiddominance Army Back to the Basics Cap, ACU

When I first learned about this special woman, I was emotionally moved by her act of compassion toward total strangers. I also felt guilty because my contributions to these wonderful Americans does not hold a candle to what she accomplished in her lifetime. We owe so much to soldiers, both current and veterans of past wars and conflicts.

The next time you pray to God, please thank him for giving Texas wonderful people like Elizabeth Laird. One of the main reasons I love living in Texas are the wonderful and selfless people who make the Lone Star State their home.

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