Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What A Hero Looks Like

Have you ever wondered what a real American hero looks like? If so, here's a video describing one. His name is Kyle Carpenter. The amount of trauma his body was subjected to is greater than any man or women I can recall.

Shortly after he was awarded the Medal of Honor by the President a year or so ago, CPL Carpenter appeared on the David Letterman show. As Letterman went down the list of injuries suffered by this young man, he was almost in tears. It must be difficult to sit in the same room with such a brave and honorable man.

Still in the Fight DVD

How many times have each of us sat around and felt sorry for ourselves because of small and insignificant things? I can only speak for myself, but after watching the video of Kyle above – it made me feel ashamed about some of the things I have worried about in my life.

I have saved the video above and plan on watching it on a regular basis next year when I start feeling bad about my lot in life or some other minor thing or event. Because, when I compare my problems with those faced by Kyle Carpenter – it's clear I am nowhere close to being a real American hero.

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