Thursday, July 14, 2016

He Said It's Easier To Buy A Gun Than A Book, Really?

DALLAS TEXAS - I've waited a few days before writing about this because the statement made by President Obama in Dallas this week saying that's it's easier to buy a gun than a book was so far wrong I didn't really know how to respond. Even folks who like and support the President have to admit his statement does not pass the test of any sort of credibility. Like so many leaders before him, that Washington D.C. bubble that has swallowed up American presidents for years has taken him down as well. I remember when he was first elected he said he wanted to keep his Blackberry handy so he did not lose touch with the common person. Apparently, he put that mobile device away long ago because no person living in the real world would believe it's really easier to buy a gun than a book or computer.

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