Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Horse Named Dash Missing After Fresno (Fort Bend County) Robbery

FRESNO TEXAS - A post on social media has helped a Fresno man recover thousands of dollars in property, but there's one thing that hasn't been recovered -- his beloved horse. Last month, a palomino named "Dash" was stolen from TNT Stables in Fresno, Fort Bend County. Tyree Kossie, a team roper, says in the weeks leading up to the horse theft, trailers, saddles and wheels were also stolen. "I don't understand why they do it. People work hard for their stuff," said Kossie, the horse's owner. Kossie posted a flier on social media and the tips poured in. One led him to a possible suspect and to the recovery of the other stolen property, but Dash is still missing. "It's like a family member. We love our horse. It's like your own child getting kidnapped. We'll do anything to get her back," said Kossie.

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