Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is The Group Black Lives Matter A Racist Organization?

TEXAS - More than a few Texans are convinced that the organization named "Black Lives Matter" is a racist organization. The title in and of itself seems to promote one race of people over another and from what I was taught that is a sign of classic racism. If someone started a group called "White Lives Matter" they would certainly be told they were racist, so what's the difference? It's sad to see what has happened in our country over the years. Rather than us moving toward a color-blind society where content of character is judged rather than race and/or religious affiliation, groups like "Black Lives Matter" seem to be working hard to divide rather than to unite the people of Texas and the United States. Sadly, there are too many organizations in the world today using the anger and bitterness of Americans to promote their political agenda. That is why "All Lives Matter" is the slogan everyone should embrace.

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