Saturday, July 9, 2016

Police Officer Memorial In Dallas Keeps Growing

DALLAS TEXAS - To say I'm proud of the citizens of Dallas after they came under attack from a mad man on Thursday would be a huge understatement. Only a few days ago, a new survey claimed that residents there were some of the rudest in the nation. Fast forward a few days and no one is claiming that anymore. When the chips were down, Texans in Dallas stood up and are now proving to the world what the right way is to deal with hardship and tragedy in life. Just look at this Dallas Texas police car and the love hundreds of residents are showing to those dozen officers who were injured and killed just for doing their jobs. The thing I love the most about the state of Texas is the people who call this wonderful place home. Sure we've got a few bad apples just like everywhere else, but when Texans fall on hard times the rest of us tend to step up and do what it takes to help out our fellow friends, family, neighbors and yes police officers.

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