Friday, July 22, 2016

Roger Ailes Will Leave Fox News A Very Rich Man

NEW YORK - A bunch of folks here in Texas enjoy watching the Fox News Channel. However, when word began to spread that the big boss there Roger Ailes had been accused of sexual harassment some started to wonder what would happen to this man who built Fox News into the biggest name in the news business? If the latest reports are correct, Mr. Ailes will soon be leaving Fox News and someone new will be taking his place.

Roger Ailes' bosses must believe there is something to these allegations or they would not be terminating the employment of the one person who made them many millions of dollars. That said, it's a complete and total outrage for the leader of any company to sexually harass employees and to make matters even worse it appears that 20th Century Fox will pay Roger Ailes anywhere between $40 and $60 million in severance pay.

Honestly, how many people do you know who would be given that much money for leaving a company after allegedly sexually harassing women over a many years period of time? Is there no accountability left at the highest levels of corporate America?

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