Saturday, July 23, 2016

Texas Dentist Attacked By Shark Today In The Bahamas

WACO TEXAS - A Central Texas dentist was recovering Saturday after he was attacked by a shark while vacationing in the Bahamas with his family.  Dr. Steven Cutbirth, of Waco, was spear fishing on a remote island of the Bahamas with his son-in-law and two ocean guides Saturday. In a video posted on Facebook, Cutbirth said he speared a 10 pound hog fish and was swimming to the surface when he was hit. "He said he was coming up from spearing this fish and it felt like just like something hit him in the head.  He said it felt like a truck hit him and it just kind of rung his bell. He didn't realize exactly what had happened until he came up and he was pouring blood and obviously had been hit," Bo Durkin, Chief of Staff at Dr. Steven T. Cutbirth DDS, said.

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