Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Travel From Austin To San Antonio In 15-Minutes On Future Train?

SAN ANTONIO TEXAS - San Antonio to Austin in 15 minutes? A local company says it can be done using a bullet train going up to 600 miles an hour, costing you less than $10 a ride. A development firm called Transonic Transportation is already doing research in San Antonio to figure out how to make this a reality. They say they can build a train that practically flies. At speeds of 600 miles per hour, the "San Antonio-Austin Hyperloop" will travel as fast as a commercial airline.

"You're sticking a high-speed rail in a steel tube and you're gonna be able to go a lot faster. That's one of the benefits. I honestly believe the greatest benefit is your energy consumption is gonna go way down as well as your operations and maintenance costs," said Joshua Manriquez, CEO of Transonic Transportation.

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