Saturday, February 18, 2017

EDITORIAL: NFL v. Texas Bathroom Bill

Millions of Americans made the choice to stop watching NFL football games on television in 2016 after the league decided to allow it's players to not stand during the National Anthem. Now, the NFL is threatening to disallow future Super bowl games in the Lone Star State if state leaders refuse to allow trans gender people to use the bathroom of their choice. Who will win this fight?

In the end there may not be any winners, but one thing is for sure and that is the NFL will be the loser. The world is turning around quickly and the National Football League is on the wrong side of this change. Most Americans are sick and tired of being told that everything they have believed in their entire life is not only wrong, but somehow discriminatory toward other people.

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Texas is a huge football state and if law makers pass this new law that has the NFL so upset, within a matter of weeks more than a dozen other states will pass similar bills. If the NFL refuses to back down from their political interference in states rights, the whole league might just disappear in future years. The NFL needs to focus on football and keep their political agenda to themselves.

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