Sunday, February 19, 2017

Gov. Abbott Tweets After Man's ID Is Stolen By Illegals

After a gunman robbed her grandpa on Friday, Cassie Luevano started tweeting at anyone who would listen.

Her heartfelt messages about the "innocent grandpa targeted by illegals for his ID" and pleas for better border security caught the attention of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

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"Let him know that Texas is coming to his rescue," Abbott tweeted to more than 150,000 followers. "We'll work to protect him and put an end to this."

Investigators, though, don't actually know who committed the crime. They haven't identified a motive. And any connection between the robbery and border security remains a mystery.

At roughly 6:30 p.m. Friday, 80-year-old Homero Guzman stopped for dinner at the Church's Chicken restaurant near the intersection of South 10th Street and Galveston Avenue.

"He parked right by the restaurant doors," said Luevano, 25, the South Texas regional director for the Republican Party of Texas. "He parked where there was lighting."

A man approached Guzman and pulled a gun. Speaking in Spanish, the man asked whether or not Guzman was a United States citizen, Luevano said. He demanded Guzman's ID and wallet.


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