Saturday, February 25, 2017

Help Catch This Murder Suspect - Please Share

Last Wednesday night a Houston teenager---18 year-old Javier Flores---was killed during a robbery of a subway while trying to protect his mother.

Two men came into the store where Flores and his mother both work. One of the robbers pulled out a gun and pointed it his mother. Flores' placed himself between his mother and the gunman, resulting in him suffering from a gun shot wound to the neck which killed him shortly thereafter.

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Houston Police have increased the reward for any information that leads to the arrest of both robbers to $40,000. A composite sketch has been released of one of the men along with security footage of the two.

The two men escaped with nothing to show for except blood on their hands. Other local media reports the same robbers held up another subway that same night.

Flores' father said in a press conference that Flores was preparing to graduate high-school this year and enlist into the Marine Corps.

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