Saturday, February 25, 2017

Should Texas Allow The Poisoning Of Wild Hogs?

Texas is letting slip the dogs of chemical warfare in its long-running and, so far, losing battle against a horde of as many as 3 million feral hogs that are wreaking environmental, ecological and economic havoc across the state.

That escalation is triggering skirmishes over questions of possible collateral damage to native wildlife sharing the landscape with the invasive swine and concerns about possible effects on hundreds of thousands of Texans who annually shoot or trap, then butcher and eat, more than 750,000 feral hogs killed in Texas.

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At a Feb. 21 news conference in Austin, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced the agency had issued a rule that would allow Kaput Feral Hog Bait, a pesticide containing the anticoagulant warfarin as its active ingredient, to be used in the control of feral hogs. The emergency rule, issued Feb. 6, makes Texas the first and, so far, only state to adopt regulations allowing the use of a lethal toxicant - poison - to control the invasive swine.

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Source: Houston Chronicle

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