Friday, February 24, 2017

Watch Out For Scammers After San Antonio Tornado

As cleanup efforts continue in parts of the city hit by Sunday’s tornadoes, District one councilman Roberto Trevino is warning residents about scammers offering cleanup services.

The councilman says scammers are scaring residents by telling them the city will cite them if they don't get debris removed from their property.

Councilman Trevino says that's not true.

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“We are not citing anybody in the area, we know that it is incredibly vulnerable. It is bad enough as it is, we are there to help them. We are out there. We are going to cite those that are doing that. We are going to cite those out there trying to scam those residents,” Trevino said.

Councilman Trevino says the city has caught some of the scammers.

He says the city will prosecute anyone committing fraud and will cite anyone working without a license.

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Source: KEYETV

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