Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What Are The Stinkiest Cities In Texas?

Hereford, Texas

The cattle and meat processing industries produce a stench that some residents describe as "eye watering."


This seems to be a city of many smells. For one, there are paper mills. According to this radio survey, other smells include dead animals, garbage dumpsters, manure and dog food.


This pool's chlorine probably won't cover up the smell of feed lots and cattle processing plants.

Cactus, Texas

Cactus is home to a meat processing plant. And meat processing plants do not smell great.


Strange smells are ubiquitous in Houston. On Monday, Feb. 13, the Houston Fire Department and Harris County emergency management officials were investigating a strange, burning sulfur smell that permeated the city. At the time officials believed the smell was coming from the LyondellBasell plant in Channelview.


There is some debate over whether Pasadena, often referred to as "Stinkadena," is actually stinky. The city's fans refer to others next door as being much smellier. One Chronicle employee noted that you can smell the plants more in the winter than the summer. Yet, the reputation as a smelly place persists.

Deer Park

This insular residential community is also known for its chemical smells, from surrounding industry.

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Texas City

Another refinery town, Texas City often falls victim to odors that alarm residents and send the fire department out looking for danger. A recent incident on Feb. 4 turned out to be harmless, yet annoying.

Post, Texas

The town of Post smells like oil, or as the locals like to say, "the smell of money."


Waco battled a stinky sewage odor last spring, and in 2012 a bunch of dead crickets in walls, ceilings and elevator shafts drove local business owners to distraction.

Boyd, Texas

In 2013, bio solids used as natural fertilizer caused such a stench that residents could not bear to leave their homes.

Luling, Texas - There's that money smell again - crude oil.

Odessa, Texas

Besides the normal oil production activities, there's also an oilfield waste landfill in Odessa that caused resident to raise a stink in 2015.

Source: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/The-stinkiest-towns-in-Texas-10933019.php

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