Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 Bluebonnet Forecast Looking Good

Current signs are pointing to an above average bluebonnet season for the Texas Hill Country. As we transitioned from El Nino to La Nina, winter temperatures returned to a more seasonably cooler normal, with a few weeks of very cold temperatures. We have also seen some precipitation over the last few weeks with many areas receiving three to four inches.

Last season was an average one, mainly due to the bluebonnets blooming at different rates. Many areas had mature flowers along with ones that were just beginning to bloom, and once those late bloomers got going, the early ones were gone. This was caused by unseasonably warm temperatures. In January 2016/December 2015 the coldest temperature reached was 31°F. This Winter we have seen temperatures dip down into the teens. A good cold snap is crucial for an above average bluebonnet season, and this year we got it. Barring any late extended hard freezes, I think this season will be better than last. Source: JASONRWEINGART

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