Saturday, March 4, 2017

89-Year-Old Missing After Dallas Condo Fire

Nearly 24 hours later, Dallas firefighters remain on scene where a fire destroyed a Preston Hollow condominium complex and left many nearby worrying they could be next.

Having to monitor hot spots is one thing, but firefighters say some of the debris piles they’ve found are so bad they burst into flames as soon as they get a little oxygen.

That’s why firefighters will remain on site throughout Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

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From 22 floors up in the adjacent Preston Tower, Liza Salzmann had a bird’s eye view of her neighbors’ destruction.

“We’ve been watching ceilings collapse and walls collapse, and we can hear glass breaking and windows burst out,” Salzmann said from her balcony.

Firefighters rescued residents who couldn’t make it out on their own as 60 units in the four-story Preston Place condominiums left about a hundred people displaced.

The fire burned throughout the night leaving crews the next day with a lot of work left to do as hot spots reignited.

Flying embers made many in neighboring buildings worry they could be next.

Despite early reports that no one was missing, firefighters later learned that 89-year-old Jacqueline McDonald was unaccounted for.

A search continues with the hope she may have escaped the building, but collapsing walls have limited the possibility of rescue efforts inside.

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Source: CBSDFW

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