Monday, March 13, 2017

Assaulted Disabled Man Trying To Help Kid

A Bellmead, Texas, man was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of harming a 4-year-old family member and assaulting a disabled good Samaritan who attempted to intervene.

Bradley Santana Monrail, 29, is accused of knocking the 4-year-old boy off his bike in what he told police was an attempt to "toughen" up the child to protect him from bullying.

"(Monrail) felt like he had the right to rough him up to try to make him tougher when he pushed him off the bicycle," Bellmead police Sgt. Kory Martin told the Waco Tribune. "He said he was trying to toughen him up to help

him from being bullied, so he basically bullied the 4-year-old from being bullied."

After the boy fell, Monrail continued hitting the child, police said.

When a disabled man saw what was happening, he tried to intervene to help the child. That's when Monrail assaulted the 39-year-old good Samaritan.

As of Friday, Monrail remained in the McLennan County Jail on $20,000 bond.

He faces a third-degree felony charge of injury to a child and injury to a disabled person.

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Source: CHRON

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