Thursday, March 2, 2017

Attempted Kidnapping In Corpus Christi

Police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a woman near Carmel Parkway.

According to the woman, around 6 a.m. Thursday, she left a studio and was walking home when the incident happened on the 900 block of Miramar near Fort Worth Street. She told officers she was looking down at her phone when she bumped into a black male with a green shirt. She apologized and both continued to walk down the street. Moments later. he grabbed her and dragged her down the street toward his car. She says she scratched and bit the man.

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A neighbor who heard the commotion turned on her garage light, spooking the man.

The man is believed to be between 30 and 40 years old. He was wearing a green shirt and green shorts. He was driving a dark colored 4-door sedan, possibly a Chrysler 300, with shiny Silver after-market rims. He was last seen driving towards Staples Street.

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Source: KRISTV

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