Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cowboys Killed In Panhandle Wildfires

"People in the panhandle and particularly in Gray County, they are so independent," said Sani Martin, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Gray County.

Martin is no stranger to the way of life in the panhandle.

"They are going to take care of what they have and their cattle is their livelihood," Martin said.

That is how Sloan Everett, Sydney Wallace, and Cody Crockett lost their lives on Monday.

We are told they were trying to move cattle away from the wildfires consuming the Franklin Ranch, which is located just north of McLean and is owned by Everett's in-laws.

"It's real rough country," said Crockett's sister Callie said.

"Whenever we tried to get back there we couldn't just with our car, so they were horseback. I guess they were unaware of how bad the fire really was so they got trapped out there," Callie said.

Callie said she could see the smoke from her school and became worried.

She said one of her brother's and her dad were already helping fight the fire, so she called Cody.

"I talked to him about 2:00 or 3:00 and I was trying to make conversation, but he was moving cattle," Callie said.

Crockett never called her back.

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Source: KCBD

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