Friday, March 3, 2017

Driver Killed When Bolt Crash His Window

A driver was critically injured Thursday afternoon when a large bolt smashed through his windshield and hit his neck on Highway 146, according to La Porte police.

The man was stopped in a Ford SUV along the guard rail in the 2300 block of Highway 146 south near Wharton Weems Boulevard. Emergency crews said the man was unresponsive and had suffered a significant injury to his neck.

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The man was taken to Clear Lake Regional Hospital in critical condition where he later died.

Police said it's unclear from where the bolt came.

An investigation is ongoing.

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Source: KPRC

1 comment:

Maki n' Don said...

This is a shame, but if that happened to me, or one of my family, I would have to figure "they heard the owl call their name." Something so bizarre and quick....It is better than dying in a hospital bed with hoses in you!!!