Monday, March 27, 2017

Fort Worth Mom Killed Trying To Sell Game

Witnesses say a mother trying to complete an online transaction was gunned down in front of her husband and son on Sunday.

The woman was trying to sell a gaming console.

They were to meet the ‘buyer’ at the Somerset Apartment complex off of North Normandale in West Fort Worth.

“We heard exactly ten gunshots,” said apartment complex resident Taysia Crabtree. “I was counting.”

Witnesses say a woman, her husband and her son had come to the back of the apartment complex to complete the transaction. That’s when the shooting started.

“As soon as he shot her he fell, actually,” Crabtree said. “And he stood back up and was shooting everywhere and that’s how it went into the wall.”

The masked gunman fired bullets into apartment walls and a car as he ran from the scene. People ducked for cover.


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