Sunday, March 12, 2017

Have You Ever Seen The Blue Hole?

Every part of Texas has its own hidden treasures, and that goes for East Texas, too.

Hidden deep inside the Angelina National Forest is a body of water unlike anything seen in the Pineywoods.

It’s the Blue Hole, a natural spring that shines as bright as any hidden treasure with its glittering, blue waters.

"Being from East Texas and seeing water like this, it was just something that didn’t exist,” said David Frankens, the owner of the Blue Hole.

But it does exist in Jasper County, and the natural spring belongs to Frankens, a Diboll native, and a handful of owners.

“As you look around the property, you’ll notice, around the edges of the lake, the trees are anywhere from 20 to 25 years old, minimum,” Frankens said. “There’s some real maturity to the Blue Hole.”

That maturity that came with time and Mother Nature.

“If you start looking at your natural colors here, from the water to the green pine straw to the brown straw and the brown trees, you have a lot of very natural, earth-toned colors,” Frankens explained.

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Source: KTRE

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