Saturday, March 18, 2017

Help Find Pharmacy Thief Darrel Glen Kees

Police are searching for a man they say has been robbing Texas pharmacies.

According to the office of Constable Ted Heap from Harris County, the man approached a pharmacy technician for a bottle of Hydrocodone at a CVS pharmacy at 3080 S. Fry Road in Katy. When asked if he had a prescription, the man responded by stating that he didn't need one and lifted up his shirt to display the gun in his waistband. He took the bottle and left.

The suspect, Darrel Glen Kees, has been charged with aggravated robbery. Authorities believe that Kees has been involved in the robbery of other pharmacies as well, including one in Bryan.

Bryan Police say the incident happened at the Walgreens located at 3312 E. 29th Street Saturday morning.

A man entered the pharmacy area of Walgreens. According to the office of Constable Ted Heap, the suspect asked for hydrocodone pills and sprayed the technician with Raid when she took too long.

The man fled in a vehicle that was located close to the scene.

The office of Constable Ted Heap stated that Kees was spotted by Bellmead Police on Friday and when the police tried to imitate a traffic stop, Kees got away after a short pursuit.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sgt. Darbe at 281-492-3610. Source: KXXV

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