Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Investigation Continues Into East Texas Bus Crash

DPS is wrapping up the crash investigation for the fatal wreck involving a Mount Pleasant ISD school bus. Two people were killed in the Thursday night wreck.

The deaths were in two other vehicles, an 18-wheeler and a car.

DPS tells us an autopsy will be performed on Bradley Ray Farmer, the driver of the 18 wheeler. They say the autopsy will be able to reveal whether farmer had a medical issue, or perhaps a substance in his system at the time of crash.

DPS also says, if there is no indication of a substance in the body, or a medical issue, they may never know what caused the crash. A DPS spokesperson also tells us they don’t believe there were any cameras on board Farmer’s 18 wheeler.

The other driver killed was 30-year-old Angelica Beard, a coach and a teacher.


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