Sunday, March 5, 2017

Jones' Preference - Romo Stays With Cowboys

To let Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tell it, he has no idea how the future of quarterback Tony Romo is going to play out.

Romo, who turns 36 in April, could be released. He could be traded. Or he could stay with the Cowboys, which is the owner’s stated preference.

“I haven’t resigned myself to anything regarding what his status will be,” Jones said. “That remains to be seen. ... I have not ruled out the possibility of him being a part of the Cowboys at all.”

Though sincere, Jones must know that Romo staying is the least likely of all possibilities.

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The Cowboys found their quarterback of the future (and present) with offensive rookie of the year Dak Prescott. Romo still considers himself a starter and would like a chance to prove it. Plus, if Romo leaves, the Cowboys would realize some salary cap savings that could help improve other areas of the team.

But Jones was definitive and resolute in a roughly 70-minute state of the team conversation that included 33 Romo-related questions inside the blue-star emblazoned Cowboys bus outside the Indianapolis downtown Marriott Saturday.

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