Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lawsuit Filed After Little Girl Died At Dentist

A new lawsuit filed Tuesday claims the dental procedures that cost an Austin girl her life were both "painful" and "unnecessary."

The lawsuit was filed by Daisy Torres' parents against Austin Children's Dentistry, the office's owner/manager, the dentist and anesthesiologist who treated her.

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In March 2016, 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres was put under anesthesia and died. Her parents say a dentist at Austin Children's Dentistry first told them Daisy had two cavities, but after starting the procedure returned to the waiting room to report Daisy had six cavities and needed four root canals and four crowns. Shortly after beginning the procedure, the situation turned critical.

"When the EMS came, they told me to give her a kiss bye before putting her on ambulance," said Betty Squier, Daisy's mother, in an interview in March 2016. "They told me when they brought her to the hospital that she had already been brain dead, " Squier said.

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Source: KEYETV

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