Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Matthew Silver Drops Pants At The Alamo

A viral video shows a man dropping his pants to reveal bikini-style underwear covered in red hearts. What happened next proves why he should have thought twice about messing with one of Texas' most treasured landmarks.

He shouted "I'm at the Alamo!" a few times while pretending to ride a small stick horse. The video was posted to Facebook Sunday.

The bearded Speedo guy in question? His name is Matthew Silver.

According to his Facebook page, Silver is a "performance artist and clown mostly known for viral videos." He said he regularly performs outrageous routines in several spots around New York City, and also performs in venues across the country.

After only about 10 seconds, he was on the ground. An Alamo security guard restrained him with handcuffs.

While some people commenting on Facebook were disappointed that he was restrained, Silver said security was just doing its job.

He said security consulted police about the, um, situation, and police reportedly said he would not be arrested as a result. Source: KHOU

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