Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Midway Graduate Killed In London Terror Attack

"You never think that's going to happen to anyone you know, and then all the sudden it like hits you in the gut,” said Rogers.

Cochran was one of four who died after Khalid Masood plowed through a crowd of people on the Westminster Bridge.

Melissa received serious injuries, but survived. Kurt fell over the side of the bridge onto a patch of concrete below, and was killed.

Rogers said the class of 1980, about 250 people, was a close one, and many of them were saddened when they heard one of their own was one of the victims.

“Something like that just seems unfathomable,” she said. “We were all very, very shocked."

In a statement to KWTX, Melissa Cochran’s brother, Clint Payne, said the family was heartbroken.


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