Sunday, March 12, 2017

No Texting While Driving Law In Texas

A bill that would make texting and driving illegal in the state of Texas is making progress in the legislature.

Groesbeck resident Jimmy Rincker has been pushing for the statewide ban of distracted driving since his sister Amanda Rincker died in a texting and driving accident. Rincker had convinced the city of Groesbeck to pass a ban on using a cell phone while behind the wheel, and now he is hoping the state will follow suit.

The Texas House held a committee hearing last week and passed House Bill 62 unanimously. It will then be taken to the floor for debate. Meanwhile, the Senate will hold a committee hearing Monday, March 13 to look at the twin bill, Senate Bill 31.

Rincker said, “We’ve gotten some support for the bills, but we also got some pushback from lawmakers.”

He said similar bills have struggled with the Senate before. In 2015, a bill to stop texting while driving went to the floor, but the Senate shut it down. Later that same year, Amanda Rincker was killed on State Highway 14.

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Source: KWTX

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