Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ride Home From School Turned Into Robbery

A ride home from school turned into a robbery at gun point on the 400 block of Wonder Parkway for 18 year-old Roxette Benitez.

She says one of the people involved was her classmate.

“I had my backpack but I was holding on to my purse and they were basically dragging me on the floor. The driver, he got off the car and he pulled up his shirt and he just pulled out a gun,” said Roxette.

After putting up a fight over her purse, she says the robbers eventually gave up and sped off in a black car.

Lydia Benitez, Roxette’s mother is upset about the situation. She said it could have quickly turned deadly, over a purse.

“Someone wants your stuff give it to them. It’s not worth your life,” said Lydia.

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