Friday, March 31, 2017

Testing Drug Ketamine To Prevent Suicide

Grayline Research Center, in Wichita Falls, is conducting trials hoping ketamine will be a breakthrough for the mental illness affecting millions of Americans.

Research is only in its early stages but more and more studies show ketamine may do more than other antidepressant drugs: suppressing suicidal depression.

In its clinical form, ketamine has been used as an anesthetic for humans and animals, and can even reduce pain.

But it's also popular and dangerous in night clubs. Known as 'Special K' it can be used to get high, causing an out-of-body sensation.

"It's not good if you have depression to try and do it on your own and get 'Special K' because you never know what's on the streets...what's in there," said Grayline Research Center CEO, Penny McDonald. "It has a totally different effect than what we have right now."


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