Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ward's Arms Reattached After Car Crash

A Schertz mother is learning to re-use one of her arms after it was severed in a car crash. Surgeons were able to save her arm with a rare procedure never before performed in Texas.

For Kelsey Ward, her latest victory of picking up a banana at the grocery store gives her hope. She works countless hours a week at her therapy sessions to re-strengthen her right arm.

"The best way to explain it is [as if] you're in the gym and you're working out hitting your max," said Ward. "Just the smallest task is excruciating."

It's been 11 months since Ward's arm was reattached.

According to Ward's doctors, the surgery has been performed on just about 80 people worldwide. Ward said she remembers very little about the accident. "I actually just remember leaving work and then waking up and them telling me my arm was gone. I had been in a really bad car accident," she said.

"They said my life was about to seriously change," she said.

Ward's arm was severed when a guardrail pierced the passenger-side window of her SUV. San Antonio firefighters found her arm at the scene, packed it in ice, and brought it to Brooke Army Medical Center's trauma center. Source: WFAA

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