Saturday, April 22, 2017

150 MPH Race Car Crash In Big Bend

Two men participating in 20th annual Big Bend Open Road race had a close call during a practice run on Wednesday.

According to a participant of the race, the drivers, Kyle Eggspuehler and Jeff Carson, were going 150 miles per hour when the engine had a catastrophic failure, resulting in car catching on fire.

The fire consumed the entire car, which had a load of racing gasoline. The flames made it impossible for the men to see or breathe as they attempted to come to a stop while going 150 mph.

Fortunately Eggspuehler and Carson were able to activate the on board fire extinguisher systems and were able to get out safely.

The car that caught on fire was a modified 1999 Camaro.

But the men aren't letting this scare stop them from competing in Saturday's race.


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