Thursday, April 13, 2017

Airline Refused To Seat Sick Child Next To Mother

American Airlines separated a 5-year-old girl from her mother and 7-year-old sister on a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Detroit last Saturday.

"It was awful," said Amy Buchler, 40. "I have a daughter who's already very sick and now I have to worry that she's sitting by herself, not knowing who's going to be sitting next to her."

She and her daughters were spending spring break visiting grandparents in North Texas last week when Naomi, age 5, got the flu.

"We were scheduled to fly back Wednesday night but we had to reschedule to Saturday," Buchler said.

When she booked online, the website stated she could purchase premium seats or it would assign regular seats at the airport.

But when Buchler got to the airport, she discovered American split up her children’s seats, putting Naomi in row 17 and Amy and her other daughter in row 7.

Buchler said a ticket agent found Naomi a window seat in row 12, which would make it easier for her to find someone to switch.

"I felt like the airline wasn't willing to help at all," she said. "It was just me negotiating with other passengers to try to get us to sit together."


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