Thursday, April 13, 2017

Blind Girl From Ennis Can Now See

Lexi was barely able to see FOX4 reporter Dionne Anglin despite the two just sitting a foot apart from each other.

"I can tell you're facing me, but I can't really tell anything about your eyes, your facial features that kind of thing," Lexi said.

Born with cancer that claimed her left eye and most of the ability in her right eye, Lexi is no stranger to adversity.

That adversity is what made this moment so special -- Lexi saw clearly for the first time ever wearing what's called e-sight glasses. They are a high-tech electronic vision aide that prompts image correction in the brain.

"I think the thing that, when I got really emotional about everything, is what these glasses have the potential to do for me."

The emotional highlight -- her parents' faces.


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