Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bones Found In Houston Home Walls Identified

Mystery still surrounds a home in the Heights where bones were found in the walls in March.

As medical examiners wait for the results of DNA testing, KHOU 11 is learning more about the woman who was reported missing from that home two years ago.

Mary Cerruti had lived in the bungalow at 610 Allston Street for years.

She was known as a private person, but she got to know some of her neighbors during her fight against an apartment developer that was buying up properties on her street. Cerruti held out, so the apartment complex was built around her home.

Neighbors noticed Cerruti was missing in early 2015 and filed a report with police. Eventually, the bank foreclosed on the home.

Roxanne Davis, a neighbor, has been holding onto some of Cerruti’s personal photos ever since. Many of the pictures include handwritten notes, which show Cerruti’s personality.

“She had not gone into the computer age, so she was doing what I used to do 20 or 30 years ago: write on the back of the photos and send them off to my friends or family,” Davis said.

The two camera rolls show Cerruti had a good sense of humor. She loved her home and her eight cats.


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