Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Counselor Arrested - Inappropriate Relationship

Blanco Middle School counselor Lisa Rogers has been arrested, accused by authorities of having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Superintendent Dr. Jon Buck Ford, in a letter to school parents, said, the district was notified Tuesday evening that Rogers had been arrested. Ford says there is an ongoing criminal investigation and sought to reassure parents that “the safety and well-being of all of our students remain our highest priority.”

According to Ford, Rogers has been with the school district for 20 years. “We believe at this time this was an isolated incident,” he said.

A Blanco High School student said, “I always liked her, I never thought that she was someone that was off, or would do something like that.”

That student tells KXAN that she didn’t believe it until she received the official letter from the school district Wednesday afternoon. “Someone I guess reported her and then we hear that she was arrested and then we get this note. We’re like ‘OK, this is the real deal,’ it kind of freaked us out. She is a counselor, so we though it was just a teacher-student relationship,” she said.

Due to the ongoing investigation, district officials refused to answer any additional questions regarding how long they believed the relationship was going on.


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