Sunday, April 9, 2017

Huge Tire Fire Seen For Miles In Odessa

The City of Odessa is urging residents in West Odessa east of Highway 866 who are being impacted by the smoke to stay indoors.

They say to close all windows, doors, fireplace dampers, and exterior vents; and if necessary, cover any cracks around doors, windows, or vents, with towels, plastic sheets, and even duct tape.

Officials have 5 road closures, they are listed below.

South bound FM866 at 29th ST
North bound FM866 at an unnumbered ranch/lease rd about 1 mile south of FM2020
West bound FM2020 at Comanche.
West bound FM2020 at Fortune 500
South bound Buckskin at 29th ST

TXDOT tells us that these closures will last overnight, and this blaze could burn for days if not longer.


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