Monday, April 17, 2017

Kenneth Haynes Jr. (7) Drowned Easter Sunday

A 7-year-old boy took part in an Easter day outing for the first time in his life, according to a friend.

The boy -- who police on Monday identified as Kenneth Haynes Jr., a student at Martin Elementary in Beaumont -- went with another family to Collier's Ferry Park in Beaumont where he drowned on Easter Sunday.

Victoria Sanchez was one of the mothers at the outing.

"The little boy had never celebrated Easter before we invited him along," says Sanchez.

Sanchez says the children were playing with squirt guns on the dock.

And, not long after an unimaginable tragedy unfolded.

"All I heard was oh my God help, and I ran there were several there before me and after me that jumped in as well," says Sanchez.


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