Sunday, April 30, 2017

Man Died After EMS Injected Him With Sedative

The Galveston County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation after a suspect died on the way to the hospital Friday night.

Deputies say Jeronimo Zamora Jr., 46, stopped breathing in an ambulance after EMS crews injected him with a sedative to calm him down.

Investigators say Zamora's girlfriend called 911 just before midnight to report that he was screaming and had a knife in his hand.

When deputies arrived at the home on Avenue H, they said they spotted Zamora standing outside yelling and noticed a large gash on his arm.

When they tried to help him, deputies said he struggled and even tried to grab one of their guns. Officers had to spray him with pepper spray.

Once they had him under control, investigators said EMS crews administered a sedative to Zamora so he could be safely transported to the hospital.

Paramedics attempted CPR when he stopped breathing inside the ambulance but could not revive him.


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