Thursday, April 27, 2017

Man Put Up Sign - Neighbor Is Child Molester

A father's frustration prompted him to put a controversial sign up outside of his neighborhood.

The Mid-South father learned his 16-year-old daughter was in a relationship with a 22-year-old married man. In Arkansas, the age of consent is 16, so police said their hands were tied.

That's when the girl's father took matters into his own hands.

The sign reads: "Danger!!! Child molester lives in first house on the right." The sign also lists the 22-year-old's name.

The father even put lights on the sign so drivers could see it day or night.

The man named on the sign threatened to sue for defamation. The father said he is not backing down; he refuses to take the sign down and even said he may add more.

Attorneys said the father is within his right to put up the sign in his yard. However, they said it did put him at risk of being sued for defamation of character.


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