Monday, April 3, 2017

Man Stuck In Mud Killed When SUV Caught Fire

A Harris County man is dead after his SUV ended up in a ditch and caught fire.

Crews rushed to the scene at Shields Road near Forrest Trail Drive, but it was already too late. Investigators said the driver's body was burned beyond recognition.

This was not an accident that you would automatically see as life threatening. Accident investigators say the driver of a Ford Explorer was coming down Shields Road when he took the corner too fast and lost control.

Deputies say the SUV got stuck in some mud on the side of the road, and apparently the driver was trying to get the car out of the ditch when it caught fire. The driver was not able to escape.

"The driver is burned inside the vehicle," Harris County Sheriff's Deputy R. Musil said, adding, "That is the only person involved in it."


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