Sunday, April 2, 2017

Names Released Of 3 Killed In Houston Crash

Three people have died after a violent, wrong-way crash on the Hardy Toll Road.

The crash closed Interstate 45 North southbound at Hardy Toll Road for hours as investigators reconstructed the crash.

DPS investigators confirmed two family members died along with a wrong-way driver who crashed into their vehicle while driving northbound in the southbound lanes.

Jackie and Patrick Delane were just leaving an IHOP restaurant when the crash happened, witnesses said. They were celebrating Patrick's 50th birthday.

Many family members saw the wreckage of the crash as they were going home from the party.

"I was crying the whole way. I'm hoping against hope that maybe something will be different but I know it's not," said Jackie's son Bryson Brown.

Meanwhile, a tow truck driver who put out a fire in the alleged wrong-way driver's car told us he saw that person trapped inside, but it was too late.

That driver is identified as Allan Bonilla.


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