Thursday, April 27, 2017

Texan Lupe Barboza Saved Child With CPR

Lupe Barboza learned CPR 30 years ago, but she didn't have any trouble remembering how to do it Tuesday afternoon when a co-worker’s baby suddenly stopped breathing.

Barboza, an IT specialist for Fort Worth Independent School District, was working at the front desk of her office on University Drive when a co-worker’s wife rushed in with her baby girl.

The girl, 11-month-old Analise Wiggins, had suddenly stopped breathing when her mother was waiting in the parking lot for her husband to get off work.

"And she said her baby wasn't breathing,” Barboza said. “I looked and I saw that the baby was with no color. She was purple."

Barboza swung into action, yelling at her manager to call 911.

"I've got a baby that's unresponsive, can't breathe,” he told a Medstar dispatcher.

Help was on the way, but there was no time to wait.

Barboza placed Analise on a nearby table and started CPR.

"She was here, facing this way,” Barboza said as she pointed at the table and described how she did chest compressions with two fingers.

Tara Wiggins, Analise’s mother, said she was frozen in fear.


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