Saturday, April 29, 2017

Texas Cop Faked His Death - Fled Country

An Austin Police officer who went missing after signing a suicide note may have faked his own death and fled the country, officials say.

Coleman Martin, 29, was under "emotional distress" when his wife called 911 on April 25 and reported that he was suicidal, Austin police say.

Along with the keys, officers found Martin's wallet with no U.S. currency, a few personal items, and and an empty box for an inflatable raft. Martin's passport was not found within the vehicle.

A search didn't turn up Martin's remains, but investigators found an inflatable raft on shore a few miles from Martin's car.

During the investigation, detectives found that Martin's email account had been accessed about five hours after he sent the suicide note to his wife. The IP address which accessed the email account was in Mexico.

A woman in what investigators called a "close relationship" with Martin said she had evidence that Martin was alive and that the entire event was an effort to stage his own death.


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